August 21 2020 Our First Jazz Composers Workshop

Thanks to the iniciative of bassist Piet Verbist who was visiting from Antwerp, I got the opportunity to play with some wonderful musicians and their compositions  this week . Anyway we had 5 musicians  which is really something of lujo for me and we attracted an audience of  7 from the street . So it was opportunity to make some new friends with music. Anyway just want to thank Piet, and Juan Sainz , and Tony Barbara and Comelo Muriel  for participating  and making something wonderful happen . Much appreciated as always . Some of the compositions played was my Morbid Desolation, Carmelo's Hilo de Ariadna , dedicated to his wife, and Piets difficult and swinging My Love You , based on that Cole Porter classic  For those who are curious of what a Jazz Composers Workshop is , its an open rehearsal with a public invited to listen in and observe the process. Also a great opportunity for artists to sketch and photographers to film and video.!!!





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