This was a very special event . First of all it wasnt at my home. Second of all I wasn't playing piano and third of all it was in the midst of Semana Santa  and  the forcast was for rain. Well it was a miracle that it didnt rain, people came and the music and the enviorment was a lot of fun .Me on the synth  and  Bosco Prada on bongos and panderetta had a lot of fun playing our songs  and everyone seemed to enjoy . And i even got two wonder singers Santi and Lilu  from the audience to do an impromtu performance of Skylark and NatureBoy . We started with Lady Be Good and ended with Lean On Me.  And where was this secret spot ? Well all i can tell you it was a small place near the cale Mina that was transformed into  a concert hall. I reallly hope to do this again . I'm always looking for secet spots!!!

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