This was the third concert  and a piano solo concert as well. I got to play a few more of my compositions like Vals Time , Puesta del Sol, Some Beatles songs like Penny Lane , and And I Love Her as well as a bunch of standards  known and well known  Like Night and Day,  Your My Everything , All the things You Are. A tribute to the great Johnny Mandel who passed  away on June 29th. I played the Shadow of Your Smile which evoked memories of my Dad. And  the Billy Joel Classic NY State of Mind which  reminded me of my Mom's dream to live in NY. Although she was born and bred  in Brooklyn, it wasn't untill she was in her late 80's that she was able to accomplish her dream to live in the Big Apple.  The concert was attended by 11 people and 7 guests attended the Emporium Concert  for the first time . After the concerts we got  to hang and chat and have drinks at the Gato Jazz Creperie  https://www.facebook.com/elgatojazzcadiz/ 

I am hoping to have and Art and Music concert soon . And also Ito make available a compilation of some of my compositions  as a MP3 download. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. It has been a strange one , 2020 the year of the mask!!!    In Cadiz, Cadiz  although it has been hot, we seem fortunate as there hasn't been an a renewed outbreak of the COVID 19 virus  like in some other parts of Spain .  

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