Once again  a big thank you to guitarist  Jose Maria Lopez assisted  once again.  In the latest session of Mikes Music Emporiums concerts we  played mostly new tunesw from the gig we were supposed to have played at Serendipia which has  postponed indefinitely. And another big thanks to pianist Antonio Ortiz who sat in and played a Flamenco based improvisation that was really impressive. Right now another wave of COVID19 infections has hit Spain and no one can predict when live music will be coming back again. Nor can anyone predict in which direction the restrictions the government will come up with in an effort to curb the COVID 19 infections. Unfortunately restrictions means that live music is restricted as well.  In the meantime musicians are doing their best to hang in there. As far as my concerts go, I am glad there is an appreciative audience to play for.  Thanks again to everyone who came . It was a pleasure playing for you. Hasta la proxima!!!

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