Wishing everyone  who is reading this a very Happy and safe Holidays . Thats all of them , Hannukah, Christmas, New Years Eve  and all the socializing , family dinners ,reunions, parties, and shopping in crowded areas  that goes with it. Enjoy, be safe and be careful. I am writing this on Christmas Day and hopefully to have something musical in the works . Maybe I will stream something . Maybe a jam session or a  concert . I will keep you posted .And if you haven't registered yet please do . It's been a strange year and an especially strange year to hear live music , with the new protocols of December  where cafes, restaurants and any kind of musical venues was closed down by 18 pm to control the growing spike of COVID that crept  this winter . That and limiting gatherings to a maximum of 6 people.  However ,for the holidays the Spanish government has eased the restrictions a bit .the And hopefully the COVID count will continue to slow down  .The new curfew  squashed all my concerts that I planned back in October  so its keeping me on my toes  and back to the drawing board.    I've been playing , but i also need to give my hands a rest as i have  pain in my thumbs  that makes it a bit more difficult to play . Hope to work that out , learn something from that  and share that info with other pianists. Also looking forward to getting the piano worked on so it will be in top shape for 2021!!!! Anyway it was a great pleasure that Manolo Parfumo  and Antonio Ortiz both stopped at my place at the same time and  it was really great to hear them play !!!!  And it is a wonderful opportunity to thank you and everyone who  has come here to listen and participate in the  concerts .  You know the saying   form THAT movie , If you build it they will come........but it reminds me of another saying , Easy come , Easy Go. Things take effort and a community effort as well . Hope to  see you soon in excellent spirits in 2021. All my best, michael

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