There is a type of musicians that defy catagory because they found their niche and developed there talent, their duende as they say here, to another level. And  flautist Carmen Muriel “resembles that remark” He is a flautist .But his flute of choice is the bansuri flute  and the instrument he plays was hand made by himself ,and continues perfect. He is well known in flamenco circles , he's an educator , and wrote the book on flamenco harmony , a book that can be found in conservatory libraries throughout the world .  Needless to say he is diverse.  And the themes we played together on this bamboo flute, ranged from uptempo standards like “It Might As Well be Spring ” to Nana El Caballo Grande of Camaron,  some selections from De Falla  and a beautiful original  theme in 3/4  ,El Hilo de Ariana. We ended with our version of David Bowie's Life On Mars. The turnout was great and for more than half the audience it was there first visit here to the Emporium . Also it was the inauguration of a painting by  the  Dominican artist Alejando Alsina  that hangs behind the piano. And a spontaneous poem composed and written by Eva  Cordoba Serrano.  It was a real happening and enjoyed by all who came .  I am very greatful that these house concerts are appreciated. 

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