Concerts resumed after the Christmas holidays and we started 2023 with a wonderful trio concert with Javier Bemudez on electric bass and Bosco Prada on bongos  and myself on the piano for a lovely evening of 12 songs with a wine and champagne  aperitivo afterwards . Song highlights were Theme for Ernie as well a selection of new and old songs of mine . Highlights were my solo piano piece " A Jews Reply" as ewell as a song i wrote 49 years ago when I was 17 called Blues for Rashaan  written for Rashaan Roland Kirk. It was really great to see new faces and to play with Javi fro the first time in over 2 years.  I also announced that i am looking for a bigger sala to give these concerts and if all goes well I will announce that soon .............hopefully in March . Until then i will continue here at the my place.  Next concert is really special. An evening eith  phenomenal saxophonistPedro Cortejoso .ing  We  will be playing a set of Ballads and Love Songs .  Make a rersevation for you and a friend for this very special event  by WhatsApp or e-mail  The concert is February 12 @ 7pm. See the Events Section for more info . Thanks all my best to everyone in 2023!!!! 

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