Summer Soiree #1 The July 16th Concert with Bosco Prada and Javi Bermudez . Piano, Percu & Bass 

It was great to play with Bosco and Javi again .  We started 2023 playing together and the interplay between us  has really deepened since then . Also very important.  We had a wonderful audience to listen and bring  out the best of us!! Originally a  small concert for  about 16 people, became a wonderful concert for 24 people . And we there were seats for everyone. So what did we play? An interesting mashup of songs where an African groove evolves into All Blues and ends with Proud Mary. + 8 original  arrangements of Beatle songs including A Day In The Life,  and Norwegian Wood as a Buleria !!!And 2 tunes of mine . A boogaloo Clement's Lament , and the gospel tinged Know Yourself. We finished with a version of Penny Lane. And for aperitivo we all checked out a wonderful ecological white wine called Ukelele provided by Embotellarte.  Looking forward to Summer Soiree #2 where I get to listen to invited artists Piet Verbist and Carlos Villoslada play in duo . Sax  & Bass concert . Something different . Something special!!!!


Happy to say that the once a year one off with composer keyboardist Manu Sanchez was a wonderful experience for everyone . Things got off to a great start with an uptempo version of “It Could Happen To You ” followed  by quiet a few of my compositions like Soul Scents , Life -Like , My New Song, and a debut of  my composition “ Times Lost Embers” Also was versions of Tonight  from West Side Story , a reharmonized version of “ I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane . We finished the evening with the Beatles Something  as well as a tribute to the great composer and saxophonist Wayne Shorter and to Tina Turner. two artists whose influence will always be felt and whose presence will be sorely missed.  For Wayne we did “Footprints” and for Tina we finished wiht a 4 hand version of ” We Don't Need Another Hero"  Once again a very big thank you to all who came and inspired us to play the way we did . You are Fabulous!!!!


In April we had no concerts , but had a lovely time in Berlin where I got to sit in at 2 clubs the Bb Club and also at Orvilles had a great time and got to meet wonderful musicians . Was also invited to here the Berlin Philharmonic  general rehearsal which made a very deep impression on me . In May we had a Piano Potpourri featureing Antonio Ortiz who playued his own Mediterranean tinged compositions and improvisations. His Bulerias and Soleas made quite an impression and me has the host rounded out the eveing with my own compositions.It was good to quite a few new people here and the atmoshere was liudent fvely . The last song was a blues that everyone participated in and we even had  Alvaro ta jazz student from Cadiz 's UCA auxilerary Jazz program  sit in. A very nice evening indeed. Next concert is May 11 with composer /keyboardist  Manu Sanchez 


There is a type of musicians that defy catagory because they found their niche and developed there talent, their duende as they say here, to another level. And  flautist Carmen Muriel “resembles that remark” He is a flautist .But his flute of choice is the bansuri flute  and the instrument he plays was hand made by himself ,and continues perfect. He is well known in flamenco circles , he's an educator , and wrote the book on flamenco harmony , a book that can be found in conservatory libraries throughout the world .  Needless to say he is diverse.  And the themes we played together on this bamboo flute, ranged from uptempo standards like “It Might As Well be Spring ” to Nana El Caballo Grande of Camaron,  some selections from De Falla  and a beautiful original  theme in 3/4  ,El Hilo de Ariana. We ended with our version of David Bowie's Life On Mars. The turnout was great and for more than half the audience it was there first visit here to the Emporium . Also it was the inauguration of a painting by  the  Dominican artist Alejando Alsina  that hangs behind the piano. And a spontaneous poem composed and written by Eva  Cordoba Serrano.  It was a real happening and enjoyed by all who came .  I am very greatful that these house concerts are appreciated. 



Concerts resumed after the Christmas holidays and we started 2023 with a wonderful trio concert with Javier Bemudez on electric bass and Bosco Prada on bongos  and myself on the piano for a lovely evening of 12 songs with a wine and champagne  aperitivo afterwards . Song highlights were Theme for Ernie as well a selection of new and old songs of mine . Highlights were my solo piano piece " A Jews Reply" as ewell as a song i wrote 49 years ago when I was 17 called Blues for Rashaan  written for Rashaan Roland Kirk. It was really great to see new faces and to play with Javi fro the first time in over 2 years.  I also announced that i am looking for a bigger sala to give these concerts and if all goes well I will announce that soon .............hopefully in March . Until then i will continue here at the my place.  Next concert is really special. An evening eith  phenomenal saxophonistPedro Cortejoso .ing  We  will be playing a set of Ballads and Love Songs .  Make a rersevation for you and a friend for this very special event  by WhatsApp or e-mail  The concert is February 12 @ 7pm. See the Events Section for more info . Thanks all my best to everyone in 2023!!!! 

Dec 4th Sound and Image Trio Concert + The Debut of the new Videoclip!!!! 

After an absence of activity in November I was finally able to present a new artistic direction with the Sound and Image Trio consting of Patricio Musalem (images) Bosco Prado (percussion) and your host on the piano.  
Even though it was a one off experiment, it is something I hope to develop and take to the next level.   
The set consisting of an hour of images divided into 5- 10 minute segments  beginning with the universe and wound up with a  with walk around the nieghborhood and ending with the blooming  of a flower. The images along with the music made quite an impression on the audience of 19 and was favorably received. After the concert we had a slight pause and aperitivo and continued with the debut of our video clip Morbid Desolation with images by Patricio and  a newly mastered version of the music. We offered the link to all who came and will offer it to anyone who joins the mailing list between now  and the end of January.  Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!!!!!!

The October 16th Piano - Bass Duo Concert  

It was great to play with Tony Barbara  again.Just a little over a month since the Sept 11 concert. But this time it was Tony the bassist. It was sort of a role reversal as the sax/ flute is a lead intrument that the piano accompanys. This time however it was the piano that carried the the lead with Tony's apt accompanyment on bass . And a lot of new tunes as well.  We started out with my original Soul Scents and from there we played jazz  and swing classics like the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea ,  Come Rain or Come Shine. And pop classics as well like  the John Denver's Leaving on a Jet Plane, Ellington's In A MellowTone and ending with George Harrison's Here Comes the Sun !!!  Really appreciate the support from everyone who came out including the new comers. Always glad to see and meet new faces. Hope to keep this  rhythm of monthly concerts going on till this years end  !!!! Enjoy the video!

The Sept 11 Concert 

Just the date brings so many things to mind . The fall of the World Trade Center attack  in NY  as well as the Diada which commerated the fall of Barcelona in 1714 whichs also an emotionally/politicaly  charged day.  In Cadiz  howeverit was a  Sunday and a rare opportunity to play with my friends Tony Barbara on tenor sax and Bosco Prada on percussion . This concert was well attended an was good to see new faces present as well . As is the tradition  of these concerts they are hastily prepared  with a majority of new material to play creatingn element of risk and spontaneityAnd you could  feel the sense of exitement from performing music for the first time in public. Highlights of the concert were Wes Montgomery's Road Song, the Beatles Here, There and Everywhere with Tony on flute, Rosita Lee a sort of Coleman Hawkins classic. And there was no better way to end the concert than with Sonny Rollin's calypso  classic , St. Thomas . what a wonderful coincidence  because that Sunday  celebrated the jazz masters 90th birthday!!!!!

The July Alt Festival 

We had our first Alternative fesival in July with 3 seperate concerts featuring 3 distinctive styles of music Jazz, Folkloric, and improvised Classical. The ideas  was as much spontanneous as it was outrageous and it worked!!!! With an attendence of over 50 people for the 3 days at entrance fee of 10 Euros we were able to introduce musicians and there music to a wider audience in  an intimate enviorment . More important  was that all the musicians were paid directly  from their public via the entrance fee. I kicked off the first concert with my trio with Peru on contrabass and Caba Villoslada o drums , Two days later The folkloric duo of Rebolda , featuring the voice of  Irene Sorozábal  and  pianist Adrián Moncada who came from Madrid and mesmorrized the audience with their modern interpretations of medeval Sephardic songs . The last day was a brillant solo perfomance by composer/pianist Manu  Sanchez Garcia who improvised cannons, sonatas , rondos,and fugues and even taking a request to improvise something in the style of  Shostakovich . These concerts created a lot of good vibes and goodwill in the community and looking forward to making this an annual event .