Summer Soiree #1 The July 16th Concert with Bosco Prada and Javi Bermudez . Piano, Percu & Bass

It was great to play with Bosco and Javi again .  We started 2023 playing together and the interplay between us  has really deepened since then . Also very important.  We had a wonderful audience to listen and bring  out the best of us!! Originally a  small concert for  about 16 people, became a wonderful concert for 24 people . And we there were seats for everyone. So what did we play? An interesting mashup of songs where an African groove evolves into All Blues and ends with Proud Mary. + 8 original  arrangements of Beatle songs including A Day In The Life,  and Norwegian Wood as a Buleria !!!And 2 tunes of mine . A boogaloo Clement's Lament , and the gospel tinged Know Yourself. We finished with a version of Penny Lane. And for aperitivo we all checked out a wonderful ecological white wine called Ukelele provided by Embotellarte.  Looking forward to Summer Soiree #2 where I get to listen to invited artists Piet Verbist and Carlos Villoslada play in duo . Sax  & Bass concert . Something different . Something special!!!!

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