Happy to say that the once a year one off with composer keyboardist Manu Sanchez was a wonderful experience for everyone . Things got off to a great start with an uptempo version of “It Could Happen To You ” followed  by quiet a few of my compositions like Soul Scents , Life -Like , My New Song, and a debut of  my composition “ Times Lost Embers” Also was versions of Tonight  from West Side Story , a reharmonized version of “ I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane . We finished the evening with the Beatles Something  as well as a tribute to the great composer and saxophonist Wayne Shorter and to Tina Turner. two artists whose influence will always be felt and whose presence will be sorely missed.  For Wayne we did “Footprints” and for Tina we finished wiht a 4 hand version of ” We Don't Need Another Hero"  Once again a very big thank you to all who came and inspired us to play the way we did . You are Fabulous!!!!

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