Dec 2nd Concert the Bongo , Bass, Piano Trio with special guest Carolina Klein.

Well I want to write this down while it is still fresh in my mind. But first some background. Last December I had a performance event with images and in fact we did two concerts with it . I was so fascinated with the idea that I wanted to make it into a regular performing group called the Sound and Image Trio where we doing basic doing improvised cinema .

But for some reason or other , that didn't happen . What did happen is that instead of a VJ , I added bass ,and this year we have done 4 well attended house concerts and it has a really nice sound . But I am still fascinated with doing collaborations so for this concert I invited performance artist Caroline Klein from Argentina with us. She was invited to come to Cadiz and her exposition was in the ECCO (Cadiz Contempary Art Space) and during a dinner conversation I suggested to create music for her to skate and paint to , but then we took it to another level with her agreeing to it on top of the piano , both challenging (creating in a very limited space , satisfying and you can see our performance here

Now back to the trio. We did a nice relaxed set which set the mood for all of this starting with Your Song by Elton John , Fool On the Hill, As Time Goes By, with the verse and in waltz time. My originals like Blue Tune , Canadian Skylight , and Morbid Desolation which we used for Carolina's performance which can be seen here:. And it woudn't have been possible with out a public to perform for. I thank the 24 who came and supported this event . Vey much appreciated. We ended with my gospel tinge theme Know Yourself . The aperitif featured 3 red wines from 3 different regions , cheese , dried fruits , olives and chips.

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