The August 18th Concert . The day the Police came!!!

  • It was a lovely Aug evening here in Cadiz at the height of the summer turist season , a lovely day for a concert. We began just as the sun was setting  and the air was cool. And I decided to have a Friday evening concert here . It was well attended with even more people than the Summer Soiree 2 concert with Carlos Villoslada and Piet Vierbest . Hard to believe .  Expectations were high and the concert  was with my piano, bongo, bass trio  continuing with the Beatle repetoire   and  my original songs . It all went well untill a patrol car from the local police came at the very end of the concert. To be honest I am still baffled by the fact that we bothered anyone to the point that they would phone the police.  And even more so that it was a Friday evenening where we played and finished  before most people even come back from the beac!!!!!, But so be it . The police were cordial and gave me a warning  and they even let me finish the concert and one was overheard saying “ Que arte tiene!” which i take as a complement . Even they liked what they heard. Hope to figure this mystery out while contiinuing to create quality piano music in an artistic setting .

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