Summer Soiree #2 with Carlos Villoslada and Piet Verbist

The idea of the Summer Soirees started last year as an alternative small format alternative to the Cadiz Jazz Festival . In no way competing  with , just presenting different original musc  that deserves  to be heard.  And also a concert that I don't play in .  So when I heard that the Piet Verbist the Belge Bassist was coming to Cadiz  and not playing in the Festival I did everything to get him to play a solo bass concert. He declined but offered to play in duet with Carlos Villoslada  one of pioneers of the Flamenco Jazz music scene  and a brillant composer and virtuoso saxophonist . What I didn't know was that Carlos had recently decided to not play the tenor sax in public favoring the alto sax , so everyone who came got to hear something totally new from the both of them . It was also the concert with the most attendence  How we got over 30 people seated comfortably in the space  was nothing short of a miracle.  The concert was slightly over an hour of original material and was quite hypnotic as well.  I hope to post a clip of one of their songs soon .  Summer Soiree was a total success. Iappreciate all the support this concert received .

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