Spring is in the Air. Concerts are starting up again

It's been 10 months since I wrote in this blog and you may ask what happened to the concerts . Well in June of last year the city reworked the infrascruture  and ripped up  the block  And it actually looked like a war zone  for the longest of times . So in June I was lucky to land a bunch of gigs  in Conil ( the Barcelo and the Royal Hideaway) with my friend  and wonderfull musician Juan Sainz and we had a duo that accompanied a wonderful array of musicians  from Cadiz. And it was really great to hear the younger musicians  like Cabo Villaslada, Pablo Castillo Jesus on alto . Was a really nice experience .  Anyway the workers  finished i the construction last  December and the street looks wonderful .and I was able to have informal  Christmas and New Year's Sessions  with the participation my friends s like Piet Verbeist, Juan Sainz , Denison (my neighbor and wonder Brazilian drummer}, Jose Maria Lopez , Jorge Vistell (monsterCuban  trumpetista living in MAdrid), Pablo Sciutti  ......and  this Sunday I  will be starting it up all again with a classic piano / bass duo with  a wonderful new talent that is here in Cadiz, at least for the time bieing  and his name is Peru . He has  got a  really nice sound and deserves to be heard . So that's the latest . It  seems like a simple thig but it's difficult to keep this going, but I am trying. Easy to star t difficult to continue ,  easy to give up!!!!!  

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