The 2022 Spring Concert featuring Peru

Despite the unsual abundance of wind and rain we manged to have a pretty good turnout for this concert . 17 people  . When I started this about 2 years ago we had an audience of 6 and 2 musicians  all wearing masks.  This duo session  was a nice mix of standards and arrangementslike Gone With the Wind , You Dont know what Love is , My foolish heart and my sing along blues, Pizza Nina Blues. . In the clip is Peru's solo and the final theme of Nana Caballo Grande which I reharmonized sometime ago . I am looking forward to an April session  soon . Maybe it will be a trio. Once again thanks to all who came and listened . Your prescence and applause was very much appreciated.  And for those who would like to check out a concert, please register, leave your e mail and I'll let you know about the next concert. 

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