The October 16th Piano - Bass Duo Concert

It was great to play with Tony Barbara  again.Just a little over a month since the Sept 11 concert. But this time it was Tony the bassist. It was sort of a role reversal as the sax/ flute is a lead intrument that the piano accompanys. This time however it was the piano that carried the the lead with Tony's apt accompanyment on bass . And a lot of new tunes as well.  We started out with my original Soul Scents and from there we played jazz  and swing classics like the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea ,  Come Rain or Come Shine. And pop classics as well like  the John Denver's Leaving on a Jet Plane, Ellington's In A MellowTone and ending with George Harrison's Here Comes the Sun !!!  Really appreciate the support from everyone who came out including the new comers. Always glad to see and meet new faces. Hope to keep this  rhythm of monthly concerts going on till this years end  !!!! Enjoy the video!

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